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Welcome to the School of Revival! This is an intermediate course on the subject of Building Revival in the 21st Century. Revival has become quite a catchphrase in Christianity. But for the most part the Body of Christ does not have a consensus of definition as it relates to Revival or the phenomenon that surrounds it. This manual is an attempt towards presenting workable and scalable models that will enable generations to see significant moves of God in their day. What if I told you that Revival wasn’t an event, but an environment built over time? In this manual, Bryan Meadows paints a prophetic picture detailing the process of Revival. The Revival Manual is an interactive and in-depth collection of notes, lessons, and diagrams all designed to be a resource in the hands of the Revivalist. Welcome to the World of Revival!

“Whenever I see a post from Apostle Bryan Meadows, my spirit perks up. He is a man of fresh insight and revelation. I love his passion, his kindness, and his wisdom, he is a triple threat. In this book, you will not only get a nugget of wisdom, but bricks of wisdom built together into a brilliant house. I am excited to see that the insight in this book will challenge local church leadership to step up to a bigger picture and aim at transformation for their people and region.”

Dr. Jonathan Welton

President of Welton Academy

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S C H O O L  O F 
REVIVAL Logo.png
Bryan MEadows School of Revival 3D book
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