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PART THREE is finally here! Are you ready to dive into the mysteries of God? Bryan Meadows is back with his best selling e-course, How to Study the Bible! Come take a journey into the world of revelation as we dive into the deep end of the Biblical pool. Join us as we learn the secrets of prophetic interpretation, how science and spirituality align, and how to apply supernatural principles. Students from all over the world are joining Bryan Meadows for this 5 week course. 


I believe the Church is suffering from shallowness. We need people who are willing to search the scripture and that is what we are going to do for 5 weeks. We will look at the mysteries of the scripture along with examining the Hard Truths of Jesus. 


Welcome to How to study the Bible 3: Mysteries and Hard Truths!

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In this course we will discuss and learn:

  • The Gap Theory and the Understanding of Biblical Time

  • Mysteries of the Angelic, including Fallen Angels and Demonology

  • Secrets of Prophetic Interpretation and Apostolic Application 

  • Master Keys of Revelation in the Scripture to help guide your Study

  • A host of tools and resources to enhance your Biblical Study Time

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I have never seen an e-course focused on developing your charisma and the excellence of your performance. This 5 part course is geared toward making you a master of your craft, instrument, and art form. If you are a motivational speaker, singer, preacher, or actor, this course is for you! Bryan Meadows takes his background in theater and mixes it with over 15 years of public ministry to teach you the dynamics of stage and camera performance. 

In this course you will learn:


  • How to use your Body and Voice as an instrument 

  • Vocal lessons for public speaking 

  • Understanding the Art of Improv 

  • Intro into Acting and Character Development 

  • Stage Blocking and Scene Creation 

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Ministry isn’t easy. Churches all across the world are experiencing burn out and spiritual fatigue. We are seeing people quit and leave ministry at a greater rate than ever before. Why? I believe it is because of incomplete spiritual training. 


High level spiritual activity takes high levels of spiritual management, and in this course Bryan Meadows gives you the tools and insight to survive intense spiritual activity. 


Here is a deliverance course designed for the deliverance worker. If you are a healing minister, deliverance worker, an intercessor, or if you work the alter, this course is for you! Bryan Meadows has designed a bootcamp to revitalize the minister. You have never seen training like this! 

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In this course you will learn:


  • How to identify and evaluate spiritual health 

  • How to address Mental Health issues from a Spiritual perspective

  • Exercises that stabilize the Soul after ministry

  • Ministry Trade secrets to staying Spiritual Healthy 

  • Dynamics of Self Deliverance 

  • Group Therapy 

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