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BMM How To Study The Bible 2_0 Website B

How to Study the Bible ONE was a huge hit! Believers and skeptics alike, from all over the World, joined in a journey of Biblical discovery. Bryan Meadows has done it again! Get ready for How to Study the Bible 2, a Brand New 6-WEEK interactive e-course on the subject of Systematic Theology! In a world of political prophets and false doctrine, we need to understand the Foundations of our Faith like never before. Establishing a Biblical Worldview for the next Generation is our responsibility. We want to look at subjects like sage, marijuana, and even tattoos from a Biblical perspective, giving the Believer the tools needed to live out their Faith in everyday life. This course is not for the faint at heart. This intermediate online Bible Study course will cover topics like:

  • The Foundations of the Faith 

  • From Salvation to Eschatology

  • False Doctrine and Biblical Misinterpretation 

  • How to Judge Prophecy 

  • Identifying and Deliverance from Cults

  • Understanding the Occult and Pagan Practices

The purpose of How to Study the Bible 2 is to provide a digital discipleship program that teaches the Believer how to integrate Biblical Study into their lifestyle. We want to give the student a firm foundation on the essential doctrines of our faith, while also equipping them with apologetic applications. ARE YOU READY??? Get Ready to join a community of faith for 6 WEEKS of intense Biblical Training. This course includes:


  • 6 weeks of Pre-Recorded Video Teachings

  • Live Bible Studies Weekly

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Digital Manual 

BMM How To Study The Bible 2_0 Website B



After March 24th | Regular Price - $149 Classes

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