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A revolution in digital discipleship.

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A place of study or training in a special field. Academy. School. College. A Hub of thought. The epicenter of transformation.

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Bryan Meadows presents The Creative’s Academy. A digital equipping tool for the Creative, Spiritual Leader, and Entrepreneur. This Brainery will host and house interactive schools and courses with topics ranging from Communication to Spiritual Gifts. Take courses À la cart or become a member and get full access. From books clubs to digital communities, the Creative’s Academy strives to give the user a wholistic diet of empowerment.


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  • Sponges - Coming in August

  • How to Study the Bible - Coming in August

  • Soul Ties - Coming in September 

  • Prophetic Science - November

  • Pivot - School of Leadership - Coming in September 

  • The Cave- How to Handle being Hidden - Coming in November 

  • Toxic Leadership - Spiritual Abuse (A recovery course after spiritual abuse) - Coming in December 

  • Warfare 101 - Coming in October 

  • ***PIONEER PARTNER - Lifetime Membership $1299 (regular price)
  • **PREMIUM PARTNER - Annual Subscription
      $799 (regular price)


  • *INDIVIDUAL COURSES - $149 (basic course)

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