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In the days of Old...they were called SEERS. 

Known for their supernatural visual ability, Seers were used to govern and guard God’s people. Through dreams and visions God used this sacred office to lead Nations, overthrow enemies, and equip generations. You are apart of this ancient order.


Have you ever felt too sensitive? Have you ever felt too spiritual? Why did God make you the way you are? I believe that you are wired to transmit the Word of God, but in an unconventional way. This can be one of the most frustrating seasons of your life. To know you are anointed, but to not know how to execute your purpose. I believe that SEERS are needed more than ever before. To see beyond today's problem, to see beyond today's trends... who will prepare us for a future that is yet to come, YOU!!! You are called as a SEER to live artistically in the future. This is why you are always dealing with the frustration of WHERE YOU ARE and WHAT YOU SEE! Well I have news for you!


I have created a FOUR WEEK e-course designed to give you language, practical training, and mentorship is the areas of:


  • Imagination Rehabilitation 

  • Vision and Dream Interpretation

  • From Visualization to Implementation 

  • Prophetic Activations and Exercises 

  • Creating Business around your Burden

  • Intermediate Prophetic Training

  • Boot Camp in Digital Production

  • Visual and Spiritual Health Assessments

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